Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Happy 14th Anniversary!

04 Dec – 2013 : Yes, our marriage is as old as old first HDB home in those days it’s the SOP: wedding proposal – buy flat – weddings – matrimonial home.

14 is not a big numbers and neither is it considered small in term of Marriage years. We had truly grown as a family and understood now why the older generation said a family is incomplete without children.

Looking back at the years that the kids were born and growing, the marriage became stronger as we learnt to manage all the difficult situations that aroused from those times.

Today, we are stepping into a new journey with the new home and new environment but all the familiar movement and people.  We are still growing and learning every day to live and love each other our own special way.
Happy 14th Anniversary!

 (PS: almost left the wedding portrait behind during the recent house moving…)




Our Wedding Portrait