Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Anders 3Days 2Night Adventure Camp, 24 – 26 March 2014

Anthea did her camp while she was in Primary 5. However due to the P5 heavy curriculum and many other awaiting activities, the school decided to change the Adventure Camp to take place during Primary 4.

Anders batch was the first batch to sample the 3D2N adventure camp. Based in the same camp based as Anthea, we were more or less mentally prepared for the camp.

So packing was done quite last minute. Packing boy’s stuff seem much easier compared to girl.

24th March – Day 1: Setting off for the camp. I can sense that he was a little nervous and kept telling him that we would be seeing him soon, at the camp fire.  He even told me that he Love me and will miss me for the next 2 days.

I had no worries for him as he had been pretty street smart all these while and I knew he had the capabilities to look after himself.

We were also getting “LIVE FEEDS” from the teacher-in-charge and seeing all the great photos, we knew they were in good hands and having good time.

The home was very quiet without him.

25th March – Day 2:  Campfire night. Adrian,

Anthea and I went for the campfire; we knew our presence meant a lot to him even though he didn’t said much.  It was a fun night to see all the children performing together and they had so much fun singing their cheers.

At 9pm, the campfire came to a closure and we left for supper. We brought Anthea to The Kranji Resort to have their lovely zi-char dishes. This place seems to be our annual retreat for supper.

26th March – Day 3: Home Sweet Home – Buses arrived around 12.30noon and the children had a quick debrief before they were all off for home sweet home. Anders came back and had a good hot shower and lunch before he slumped off to slumber land.

After all, he had enjoyed the 3D2N camp and even said that they are going in P5 again. I wonder? 

Friday, March 21, 2014

Happy 10th Birthday, Anders

His birthday always coincide with the Term 1 school holiday, thus it is not easy to invite friends to his party as most would be off for their own holidays.

This year he had a few wishes for us to grant:

  1. Catching a movie with his best friend
  2. Play date with his few good friends at kids Amaze
  3. Special meals with the family

Yes, all these were full filled and he had a great time with his friends and families.

At every birthday, I felt a sense of accomplishment as he reaches the 10th milestone. He has not been an easy child, very temperamental and emotional and many times can set me to edge of tearing.

I know I had to embrace all these with an open heart and mind, it’s easy said than done but I know I WILL HAVE TO DO IT. 

On this special day, I wish my son – Happy 10th Birthday. 


Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Happy 14th Anniversary!

04 Dec – 2013 : Yes, our marriage is as old as old first HDB home in those days it’s the SOP: wedding proposal – buy flat – weddings – matrimonial home.

14 is not a big numbers and neither is it considered small in term of Marriage years. We had truly grown as a family and understood now why the older generation said a family is incomplete without children.

Looking back at the years that the kids were born and growing, the marriage became stronger as we learnt to manage all the difficult situations that aroused from those times.

Today, we are stepping into a new journey with the new home and new environment but all the familiar movement and people.  We are still growing and learning every day to live and love each other our own special way.
Happy 14th Anniversary!

 (PS: almost left the wedding portrait behind during the recent house moving…)




Our Wedding Portrait

Friday, November 01, 2013

Home of 14 Years…

It was in November 1999 that we officially became the proud owner of our 4 room flat. We did minimum renovation as we had a pretty tight budget as we were also at the same time planning our customary wedding dinner in Year 2000.

Minimalist we kept the home decoration simple and easy to maintain. It was our matrimonial home and we saw the birth and growth of both Anthea and Anders, in year 2002 and 2004 respectively.

We had many, many fond memories in the home and neighbours were warm and helpful to one another.
MY Kitchen

As the children grow older, we felt that it was time to “upgrade” in unit size. So we were looking at 5 rooms unit within the same location, as it’s near school and conveniences.

By sheer of luck, I had the opportunity to meet up with an old schoolmate. Through our conversation, I had the understanding that she was also upgrading to a new property and thus selling off her old.

Without any delayed, we set up viewing session and confirmed our deal without much issue. We liked the unit and the timing were just right.
Study cum Home Office

So after 2 appointments at the HDB, on 1 November 2013 we are the proud owner of our new 5 room property.

It will be a new beginning for us in the new property in year 2014, however, we will not forget the GOOD OLD times in our old flat.  
Our Small Space

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

3 Days 2 Night Adventure Camp

Primary 5 is a year of busy school life schedule for Anthea. Since the beginning of the year, there were many letters from the school informing the parents of all the upcoming events for them.

One of them was a 3D2N Adventure Camp at a local campsite. Initially I was very hesitant for her to partake in the camp as she has never been exposed to such environment.

After a few emails exchanges with the teacher-in-charge, I had all my worries packed in a bag and she was off for the 3D2N camp.
The camp took place from 15 to 17 April 2013.

15 April:  Assembled in school at usual hour and the buses took them to the Jalan Bahtera Camp located off Jalan Bahtera.  The first activity that took place was High Elements Exercises. Looking at some of the photos that were taken during the various stations, I was full of admirations of the kid’s courage to go so high.
Doing the Rock wall climbing

The High Element
In the evening, we decided to drop by to the camp to pay Anthea a surprise visit. We had quite an “adventurous ride” to get to the campsite. As it was located nearby to a Military Camp, we actually “gatecrashed” and went into a Military training ground. Luckily after some time of searching, we finally found the children campsite.

Anthea was very surprised to see us and they were having great fun playing a game of “Kidnapped”. We didn’t stay long and bade her goodbye after visiting the sleeping huts. (There were no air-conditions and fans!!) 

16 April: A full day of activities for the children and in the evening the P5 parents were invited to the camp fire. The school even organized buses to ferry us to the campsite at a nominal cost of $3 for 2 ways transfers. I had a fun time at the camp fire and seeing Anthea enjoying herself. At 9.30pm, the camp fire came to a closure and we said Good Bye and see your tomorrow.

17 April: Home Sweet Home.

Overall experienced was great and she came back feeling lethargic and happy.  I am happy that she had the chance to experience a campout session with all her school friends.

Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Happy 11th Birthday to Anthea!

It’s her 11th years old birthday and she had plans for her celebration. In the afternoon hours, she wanted to go shopping with her good friend and then joined us for dinner.

Yes, 11 years had gone by in a swift and each time we reached a birthday milestone, it felt like I just delivered her yesterday.

Her growing years had been a memorable one for me as she has always been MINE girl. Always showing me her LOVE and appreciation openly and never failed to disappoint me in her academic achievement too. She has high aspiration and I could only give her my best support and encouragement.

On Saturday, 6 April 2013, we had a simple family dinner with my in-laws. She had wanted to have western and thus we booked ourselves a table at Sun Ray’s Café. It’s a small café situated outskirt of Serangoon Garden. The food was surprisingly very palatable. We had mushroom soup, pasta and some meat dishes.
Mushroom soup
Lamb Rack
At the end of the meal, we had a simple Birthday Cake celebration for the birthday girl. All her younger nieces were singing different version of the birthday songs for her, we even had a Korean version…thanks to K-Drama…haha.

 On this special day, I would like to wish my LOVELY girl: Happy 11th Birthday and a good year ahead.

Happy Birthday Anthea

Friday, March 22, 2013

Happy 9th Birthday, Anders!

His birthday falls within the March school holiday, so he had the whole week to celebrate it.

We had asked him how would he like to celebrate it and he said he wanted to invite his usual gang of 4 but it was not possible as Bryan would be away for his holiday and Nicole had changed to a new school and it was not easy to invite her. So the only ONE left available was Ryan.

So we had a simple family dinner and invited Bryan along. Dinner was at TCC and it was a great choice as the food was delicious and we had a 50% discount off total bill as it was my birthday month too.

After dinner, Anders requested to play his favorite arcade game with Ryan. They had great fun at the machine. Then we proceeded to MacDonald for a simple cake cutting celebration and had our dessert at the same time.

Each birthday we celebrate for him meant we had reached another milestone – he is not an easy child to bring up. There were many occasions that I had teared because I felt that I had failed as a mother in disciplining him. But I know I cannot give up on him because if I do so, he will be a goner forever. So no matter what happen, I have to be there for him.

So on this special day – I just want to tell him: “Happy Birthday Anders, Mommy loves you very much!”